Maxava offers High Availability and Disaster Recovery software products that utilize the full native functionality of the IBM i operating system. Maxava HA Suite provides real-time replication with unlimited concurrent apply processes and constant data checking to ensure your data is consistent across both you primary and backup servers. Maxava products come packaged with an easy to use Graphic User Interface (GUI), traditional Text User Interface and MaxView – our unique mobile monitoring system.

Maxava are cost effective and scalable providing the highest levels of usability, performance and readiness. Whether you operate a Fortune 500 enterprise or a small business, Maxava has a solution that can be tailored for your needs and protect your critical data.

MAXAVA HA Enterprise+

Maxava HA Enterprise+ offers comprehensive High Availability and Disaster Recovery readiness for an IBM i application. Designed for complex environments and organizations serious about their business continuity.

Real-time data replication and unlimited concurrent apply processes means no backlog of changes in a disaster and the ability to do a recovery in minutes.

Advanced features including maxView Manager, provide enhanced control and visibility over your environment – wherever you are.

If you are an existing Maxava HA Enterprise customer, we recommend that you talk to your supplier or Maxava about the benefits of upgrading to Maxava HA Enterprise+.


Benefits of Maxava HA Enterprise+

  • Remote role swap capability – The new maxView Manager tool enables remote monitoring, management and the ability to perform a role swap on command from a mobile device by utilizing our powerful and proprietary Command Scripting functionality remotely. So in the event of a failure, activating a switch to the back-up server is within your control.
  • Replication across QDLS, data, objects, IFS, and MQ Series.
  • Command Scripting Function – This flexible, smart and simple free format command scripting tool supports all native IBM i commands. Object list sets can be defined and run from a single command – no compiling required. So whether for a migration, one-off event, application specific, role swap or other activities, the scripting function provides simple management with logging and error handling capabilities.
  • Simulated Role Swap enables you to Test your DR without Downtime.  SRS allows you to temporarily turn your backup system in to a simulated primary system for testing, whilst the primary system remains live and unaffected.
  • Easy administration of the HA solution from a green screen, superior GUI or from a remote web ready device such as a PC or smartphone.
  • Flexibility and functionality – Maxava HA Enterprise+ is fully spec’d with an extensive range of functionality that includes enhanced auditing, autonomics, spool file replication, extensive configuration and management tools – yet still runs extremely quickly and efficiently.


Maxava HA SMB includes capability for data, object and IFS replication and introduces role swap support

Maxava HA SMB provides cost effective High Availability to protect your IBM i business critical applications, data, objects and IFS. It incorporates advanced autonomics, enhanced auditing and user administration tools as well as maxView Monitor – a smart way to monitor your Maxava HA SMB and easily check and report on HA readiness and key IBM i system resources.


  • Maxava HA SMB facilitates the replication of data, objects and IFS between ASP’s and LPAR’s on either single or multiple IBM i environments as required
  • Data Areas, Data Queues, User Profiles and Dynamic Database Changes can be replicated quickly and effectively with no disruption to your ongoing operation
  • A wide range of functionality is available to enhance the end-user’s control and management over their IBM i environment. These features include; patrolMAX – a powerful system monitoring feature, autonomics, enhanced auditing, spool file replication, extensive configuration and management tools and both green screen and graphical user interfaces
  • If your High Availability or Disaster Recovery needs change, the migration from Maxava HA SMB to Maxava HA Enterprise+ is both straight forward and cost effective

MAXAVA HA Data Stream

Maxava HA Data Stream is an entry level one-way data only replication engine

Maxava HA Data Stream is a highly efficient data replication solution that ensures business critical data is backed up in real time and fully recoverable.  A license is only required on the back-up server, which keeps the Total Cost of Ownership at an affordable level.  Maxava HA Data Stream is an excellent way for your business to take the next step in your back-up strategy.


  • Data Stream is quick and easy to install, providing your organization data replication with maximum effect and minimum impact
  • Data Stream, like all Maxava products is IBM Server Proven and operates on the IBM i environment
  • Data Stream utilises the capabilities of remote journaling, enabling you to realise savings in resource, time and cost
  • Required only on your backup system and not required for your primary environment(s)
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