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Attachmate Verastream Host Integrator

Host integration with Verastream enables the full range of legacy hosts to participate in today’s service-oriented architectures. Verastream Host Integrator encapsulates mainframe data and logic – via the screen interface – as web services, XML, Java, or .NET components that can be mixed, matched, and reused. No changes to mainframe-application code are required.

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Attachmate Reflection
Attachmate Reflection Emulation Product for IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, HP, UNIX, OpenVMS and Reflection Suite for X, Extra! Tandom, INFOConnect Terminal emulation, as defined by Reflection, means secure connections to any host from any desktop inside or outside the firewall. Built to seamlessly support Windows Vista, Reflection’s robust web- and Windows-based Products will meet all your terminal emulation needs while strengthening host security, improving user Productivity, and maximizing IT flexibility. Attachmate’s Reflection, EXTRA!, and INFOConnect emulation products can securely access information on any host, present it in any format, and deliver it to any desktop inside or outside the firewall. Our products provide unparalleled breadth of access and depth of functionality, including:

  • Support for a wide range of hosts–from mainframe (3270), iSeries (5250), UNIX/DEC/VMS (VT), and HP (700/9x) to Unisys ClearPath NX/LX (T27), Unisys ClearPath IX (UTS), and Tandem (6530).
  • Deployment options for both web- and Windows-based sessions.
  • Centralized management tools, including a web-based management console for easy, low-cost installation, configuration, and deployment.
  • Robust security options for encryption, authentication, and authorization–including SSL/TLS, SSH, Kerberos–to help you address regulatory requirements for data privacy and protection.
  • A rich set of productivity capabilities–including features found in Microsoft Office applications–that are unavailable in other emulators.
  • A high-powered, X11R6.8-compliant PC X server with built-in GLX support.

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DBMoto Re-branded to Syniti Data Replication and released V9.6.1.8

December 12, 2019December 12, 2019

Release Notes: Syniti Data Replication Version