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We are at the age of transition – Corporations are still relying on the legacy systems to keep their mission-critical applications running. The business environment, at the same time, are driving these corporations to adapt to new technologies to maintain competitiveness. Migrating from the legacy to new system can be very challenging and the ROI will not be promised. Or, worst of all, failure to manage such migration projects can be disastrous to the company. To complement the legacy systems with the new ones is a quick fix to the dilemma where both can be co-existed and taking care of different parts of the business requirement. Wiseco’s consultants are a group of well-experienced IT professionals specialized in helping customers to address all their integration issues to fuse legacy to the new technologies. We deliver professional consultancy services that help enterprises to extend their reach to global e-Marketplace without sacrificing existing core business applications. We provides value-added professional services at:

Project Management

Our certified Project Management Professional (PMP) will supervise your projects from start to end using our best practices to ensure a high success rate and professionally organized. Especially when the project involves legacy systems when you need people who can communicate between different technology groups and end-user communities. Someone who can talk the same languages to these groups will be paramount important to get the instruction across to the appropriate team.

Data Migration

We helped a number of our customers with their initiative to replicate their data across to diversified platforms to streamline operation and make it more effective while keeping the decision maker with the most up-to-date business statistics.

Consulting Services

Wiseco will be a great partner to you when your new initiatives involves legacy system or you are having problem with. Our people are well equipped with knowledge to help customers with their SNA connectivity projects, legacy modernization, as well as SOA initiative to make their applications integrating with each others.

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New White Paper – Two Factor Authentication on the IBM i by Townsend Security

April 22, 2016April 22, 2016

Security Beyond Usernames and Passwords

Today's organizations must take a defensive strategy against the constant threat of network data breaches. Recent password leaks from high-profile sites (Anthem, Target, etc.) suggest that their sensitive data may not be as secure as once thought. Companies and web properties have to do a better job protecting security credentials.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why the IBM i may not be as secure as you think
  • The need for verification on the IBM i
  • How to meet compliance requirements (PCI DSS, FFIEC, etc.)

[Download Now]

For More Information:
Contact: Mr. Savio Sin (savio.sin@hkwiseco.com)
         Sales Manager - Wiseco Consultants Ltd. 

White paper – Simplifying Security for IBM i by Townsend Security

February 27, 2016February 27, 2016

Collecting real-time security events and actively monitoring system logs is one of the most effective security tools any organization can deploy. 

Request the Simplifying Security for IBM i and IBM Security QRadar white paper to find out more about: 

  • How IBM i customers can make integration with QRadar simple, fast, and inexpensive
  • How IBM Security QRadar users can rapidly experience success and better security
  • How continuous, active monitoring is a key security control
  • The security benefits of the combining IBM Security QRadar and Townsend Security's Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar

Now, the integration between Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar and IBM Security QRadar has dramatically reduced the effort and expense required to deploy an effective SIEM solution for the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries).

White paper – Top 10 Reasons to Choose PHP for IBM i Web Application Development by Townsend Security

February 13, 2016February 13, 2016

Learn why PHP is a great choice for IBM i web development and application modernization.

PHP ebook

When deciding on an IBM i web development strategy, it's important to choose technologies that are easy for RPG programmers to learn, attract new programmers and grow with technologies like mobile. PHP gives you all of this and more.

Download this free eBook to get a detailed look at the top 10 reasons why PHP is a great web development choice for IBM i shops, including:

  • Why PHP is easy for RPGers to learn
  • How you can leverage DB2 and RPG with PHP
  • The benefits of choosing an open-source language
  • Why PHP makes mobile applications easy to deploy

This eBook, which was co-sponsored by BCD and Zend, also features a foreword written by Alan Seiden.

Complete the form to the right to download it now!