Award Winning iSeries, System i, AS400 to PC, E-mail & Web Spool File Distribution Tool

Spool-Explorer is a Client-Server, end-user driven application that provides direct access to iSeries – AS/400 Spool files for local or remote PC users. You can save those spool files to your PC, email them, or print them in popular formats such as PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, etc. Spool-Explorer provides quick point-and-click access to output queues on multiple iSeries – AS/400s or spool file lists by User ID. Downloading the contents of spool files is easy, and you can view reports directly on the PC or export them into EZ-Pickin’s for Report Mining & Data Extraction or running reports and building models for work flow automation. You can also publish reports to a secure web portal into virtual folders with Nexus
Portal & Enterprise Content Management.


Spool-Explorer also allows you to initiate iSeries – AS/400 jobs unattended and automate downloads and distribution of spool files to PC(s). Simply embed a download command in existing report programs to setup the process. You can download reports to a single user PC, a server PC or multiple PCs, without requiring any user intervention.

Powerful Spool File Display and Management in PC-based application

End users can easily view, download, convert and manage iSeries spool files from the powerful Spool-Explorer PC-based application. You get all the advantages of a Windows graphical application in terms of ease of use 8-and flexibility. The spool file list can be sorted by options such as queue and userID and a simple double click is all that is required to display the spool file and a right click gives you options such as save, email and print to PC formats like PDF and Word. You can also open and view multiple reports simultaneously and connect to multiple iSeries to display reports.

Powerful Spool File Conversion Options

When you download a spool file with Spool-Explorer, you can then save it any of several formats: PDF, HTML, RTF, PRN or plain text. AFP spool files can also be saved in TIF format. In addition, you can also build and save customized formatting options that you can later re-apply to other files of the same type. So for example, if you had a particular report that required a certain page size, and needed to be saved as a PDF with key field bookmarks, all these setting could be saved in a profile that can instantly be applied to the report the next time you download it.

Publish Reports to the Web with Nexus Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Spool-Explorer now allows you to make your iSeries reports available on the web with full security and flexible search options. This is accomplished by submitting your reports via Spool-Explorer to the Nexus Enterprise Content Manager (ECM). You can also include search values extracted from the report text. Nexus is BCD’s Award Winning iSeries web portal and is designed to make maintaining and managing corporate Intranet or Internet sites easy in a secure environment. Among the most important features in Nexus is the Enterprise Content Manager (ECM), which allows you to archive documents to a directory in your IFS, and then build criteria to control who has access to them.

Flexible Report Downloads

With Spool-Explorer you can download spool files from a PC application by a simple point-and-click procedure, or by running an iSeries 400 command, either from a command line or embedded within any iSeries 400 program. You can select whether to download the report as it appears when displayed on an iSeries session, without embedded blank lines between the space/skip-to lines, or with all blank lines embedded. The latter option means that you can view a report with exactly the same line spacing as used when the report is actually printed on hard-copy. This is especially useful for reports that are highly dependent on line positioning to be readable. For example, invoices and purchase orders are often printed on pre-printed forms, with certain information in fixed positions. Spool-Explorer makes it easy to work with reports such as these.

Distribution to Multiple PC’s

You can distribute reports to multiple PCs By using the iSeries command included in Spool-Explorer. You can define a distribution list that references a set of PCs that are ready to receive reports. You can then reference the distribution list name instead of a single PC name on the download command. When executed, the command retrieves the spool file data and proceeds to download it to a file on each PC specified in the distribution list. Each PC can have its own destination path (directory) defined for these downloads, so the reports can be organized by each PC user.

Interface to EZ-Pickin’s

EZ-Pickin’s is BCD’s PC-Based Report Mining application. It lets you filter out any set of data from a report and format it for use in other PC applications, such as Excel. Or, from within EZ-Pickin’s itself, you can create new reports. Spool-Explorer includes an interface that lets you launch EZ-Pickin’s with the push of a button, and also a powerful feature to invoke the EZ-Pickin’s auto scripting utility, which allows you to instantly apply a data extraction model to a report, and export it to Excel (or any of several other formats).

PDF Functionality

In recognition of the ever-increasing importance of PDF format for business communication, Spool-Explorer has a number of features related to producing PDF files, including these: Support for PDF file compression and encryption. Support for graphic overlays to be embedded in the PDF file. Additional page sizes available. Additional fonts available. Support for *RICH format downloads and Rich Format Tags.

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