For the past 25 years, Attachmate has provided leading host-access solutions to organizations around the world. Customers stay with Attachmate’s products year after year because of the most complete set of host-access products available. And because your applications are mission critical, together with world-class technical support.

Because host applications are critical to your business, the software that delivers them must be rock-solid and state-of-the-art. It must cover all your platforms. And it must have the flexibility to present host information in ways that make the most sense for your employees, partners, and customers.

Attachmate is unrivaled in the breadth of advanced solutions we offer for host access and extension.

Setting the Standard for Terminal Emulation

Attachmate’s terminal emulation products can securely access any host application and present that application to either a Windows desktop or web browser. With these solutions, your 3270, 5250, VT, T27, UTS, 6530, and 700/9x applications can reach your end users, wherever they are.

Bringing the Power of Unix to Windows Desktops

If you are running X Window System applications, you can save hardware costs without sacrificing performance by using our PC X server. It connects Windows desktops to graphical applications running on Unix, Linux, and OpenVMS hosts.

Optimizing Unisys Systems

Attachmate products meet the unique needs of Unisys enterprises. Our T27 and UTS host emulation, data replication, and host integration products are the standards in the UMC world.


Reflection Desktop for IBM

Next-Generation Terminal Emulation Is Here! Just when you thought terminal emulation had reached its peak, Attachmate raises the bar with Reflection for IBM 2007—our next-generation terminal emulation solution. Reflection for IBM 2007 gives Windows users secure access to information on IBM System z and System i hosts. Optimized for Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007, Reflection for IBM 2007 will:

Strengthen Mainframe Security

  • FIPS 140-2 and Department of Defense certifications
  • Integrated SSL/TLS, SSH, Kerberos, and SOCKS security technology
  • Enhanced PKI support
  • Information privacy filters to protect sensitive data

Improve User Productivity

  • Integration with Office 2007
  • Implementation of the Office 2007 Ribbon user interface
  • Desktop Search Support
  • Built-in Screen History, Spell Check, Auto Expand, Auto Complete, Scratch Pad, and Recent Typing features
  • Tight integration with Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint
  • VBA support

Maximize IT Flexibility

  • Support for Windows Vista security and productivity features
  • Support for Windows XP, Office 2003, Terminal Server, and Citrix Presentation Server
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory and Group Policy
  • Native .NET 3.0 programmatic API
  • User Account Control (UAC) Support
  • IPv6 Support

Simple, Seamless Upgrades

When you upgrade to Reflection for IBM 2007, the macros, session files, and API applications that you’ve created with current versions of EXTRA!, X-treme and Reflection will continue to work as expected.


Reflection for HP

Reflection for HP is terminal emulation software that connects Windows users to applications on HP e3000 and HP 9000 hosts. Awarded the Microsoft Works with Windows Vista logo, Reflection includes advanced features that increase user productivity, strengthen host security, and ensure reliable connections to any host, from any desktop.

Reflection for HP lets you:

  • Leverage the benefits of new desktop platforms, such as Microsoft Windows XP x64 Edition.
  • Automate tasks, customize terminal sessions, and integrate host systems with Windows desktop applications using built-in VBA support.
  • Meet the stringent FIPS 140-2 security requirements.
  • Secure host sessions with our Secure Shell client, Kerberos client, or SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Provide fast, secure access to multiple hosts with simplified sign-on.
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BackOffice Associates announces release of Quadrate ERP2 V9.13.131

May 31, 2018May 31, 2018

Release Notes: ERP²® Version 9.13.131

BackOffice Associates Announces Freemium Quadrate ERP2 (SAP Batch Uploader) License with Latest Version 9.13

May 31, 2018

BackOffice Associates Announces Freemium Quadrate ERP² License with Latest Version 9.13

McLean, VA — May 30, 2018  BackOffice Associates, the worldwide leader in information governance and data stewardship solutions, today announced a new free version of its Quadrate ERP² solution. Quadrate ERP² empowers business users by offering a Microsoft Excel interface for SAP ERP® systems, which enables quick uploads of massive amounts of data, such as master data, as well as facilitates data merges. New customers will receive one free named license of the latest version in addition to three months of complimentary customer support. 

Designed specifically to streamline enterprises’ access to SAP ERP systems, the new release offers enhanced security options, allows the ability to save SAP credentials and adds support for the "SAP UI Landscape format". Japanese language localization, as well as support for all Windows versions, makes the latest version of this successful productivity tool a good fit for domestic and international enterprises using SAP ERP systems.

Companies taking advantage of the Freemium offer will be able to interact with BackOffice Associates’ Quadrate Product Support team via the cloud-based Help Center. The searchable product knowledge base as well as release notes and documentation can be accessed at

About BackOffice Associates

BackOffice Associates is a worldwide leader in information governance and data stewardship solutions, focusing on helping customers manage one of their most critical assets – data. Our range of award-winning products, built on a revolutionary platform, address the needs of business users seeking to unlock the value of their data assets. Our products and services enable organizations to accelerate growth, gain actionable visibility and reduce risks. Founded in 1996, we have an unparalleled record of success in the most complex data environments across a variety of industries. Customers include many Fortune 1000 companies including Eli Lilly, Kraft and Graybar. BackOffice Associates is a global corporation headquartered in Massachusetts with additional offices in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Dubai, India, Singapore, Switzerland and the U.K. To learn more, please visit

Contact our sales to reserve your copy of the ERP2

HiT Software Inc. released DBMoto V9.5.21

May 25, 2018May 25, 2018
  • Add performance transactional mode: Log Server Agent for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2 for i, IBM Informix, and PostgreSQL 
  • Added SAP HANA as a source database for transactional replications
  • Added a bulk mirroring option for performance
  • Added support for JSON format files / JSON datatype.
  • Improved, integrated support for Hadoop
  • Add support to manage schema changes


DBMoto Release Note V9