MQ, Messaging Queue, FioranoMQ, JMS, MQ Services, Messaging Server, JMS server, JMS Solutions

FioranoMQ® is a Java Message Service (JMS) compliant platform delivering the industry’s lowest latency, highest throughput real-time enterprise messaging (asynchronous and synchronous) to power high performance, highly available, and collaborative workflow applications whose application services are distributed throughout the IT landscape. Fiorano delivers industry-leading performance with minimal end-to-end latency, outperforming competing products significantly in real world application benchmarks.

MQ, Messaging Queue, FioranoMQ, JMS, MQ Services, Messaging Server, JMS server, JMS Solutions

Fiorano’s enterprise messaging backbone seamlessly integrates heterogeneous IT systems improving operational efficiency, business agility and performance. With comprehensive support for standards-based communication, connectivity and transformation, the FioranoMQ JMS server minimizes proprietary dependencies while providing a powerful communication backbone that can be extended easily, allowing real-time delivery of data spanning multiple applications, platforms, partners and customers. Fiorano is the messaging middleware of choice supporting mission-critical operations for Global Leaders worldwide.

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Key Features:

MQ, Messaging Queue, Fiorano MQ, JMS, MQ Services, Messaging Server, JMS server, JMS Solutions

Industry-leading Performance

Fastest, lowest-latency Java Messaging for both Publish/Subscribe and Point-to-Point (Queuing) benchmarks. Rated at over 95,000 messages/sec in close benchmark testing
Consistent JMS performance leader for over a decade

Comprehensive Support for Standards

Supports multiple standards including JMS 2.0, J2EE 1.7, JTA XA Resource API, XML Message Exchange, SOAP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, and TCP/IP. Security standards include SSL, TLS, JCE, LDAP and PKCS

Continuous Availability

Implements shared and replicated High-Availability (HA) models with industry-leading performance
Simple, “server-side only” HA configuration. Client connections automatically routed to backup serves on failure; in-process transactions resumed with minimal rollback time
Client-side persistence for added availability in server-down conditions

Linear Scalability

Scales to thousands of concurrent client connections with no loss in performance and server throughput
File-based message store specially designed for mission critical communications, maximizing message throughput and minimizing delivery latency. Up to 10 times faster than competitive products

Robust Security

Comprehensive authentication and authorization, with support for JAAS and plug-in’s for various external systems including LDAP, NT/UNIX realms and databases
Up to 256-bit message encryption and plug-in SSL connections for both TCP as well as HTTP[s] connections, with available proxy tunneling and support for Digital Certificates

Global Manageability

JMX-compliant management API’s and visual tools with extensive support for dynamic configuration, management of networks and destinations, real-time activity monitoring and reporting
Logging capabilities for auditing past logs and events. Support for dynamically changing the trace levels for various internal modules reduces the time required to detect, diagnose and respond to problems

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BackOffice Associates announces release of Quadrate ERP2 V9.13.131

May 31, 2018May 31, 2018

Release Notes: ERP²® Version 9.13.131

BackOffice Associates Announces Freemium Quadrate ERP2 (SAP Batch Uploader) License with Latest Version 9.13

May 31, 2018

BackOffice Associates Announces Freemium Quadrate ERP² License with Latest Version 9.13

McLean, VA — May 30, 2018  BackOffice Associates, the worldwide leader in information governance and data stewardship solutions, today announced a new free version of its Quadrate ERP² solution. Quadrate ERP² empowers business users by offering a Microsoft Excel interface for SAP ERP® systems, which enables quick uploads of massive amounts of data, such as master data, as well as facilitates data merges. New customers will receive one free named license of the latest version in addition to three months of complimentary customer support. 

Designed specifically to streamline enterprises’ access to SAP ERP systems, the new release offers enhanced security options, allows the ability to save SAP credentials and adds support for the "SAP UI Landscape format". Japanese language localization, as well as support for all Windows versions, makes the latest version of this successful productivity tool a good fit for domestic and international enterprises using SAP ERP systems.

Companies taking advantage of the Freemium offer will be able to interact with BackOffice Associates’ Quadrate Product Support team via the cloud-based Help Center. The searchable product knowledge base as well as release notes and documentation can be accessed at

About BackOffice Associates

BackOffice Associates is a worldwide leader in information governance and data stewardship solutions, focusing on helping customers manage one of their most critical assets – data. Our range of award-winning products, built on a revolutionary platform, address the needs of business users seeking to unlock the value of their data assets. Our products and services enable organizations to accelerate growth, gain actionable visibility and reduce risks. Founded in 1996, we have an unparalleled record of success in the most complex data environments across a variety of industries. Customers include many Fortune 1000 companies including Eli Lilly, Kraft and Graybar. BackOffice Associates is a global corporation headquartered in Massachusetts with additional offices in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Dubai, India, Singapore, Switzerland and the U.K. To learn more, please visit

Contact our sales to reserve your copy of the ERP2

HiT Software Inc. released DBMoto V9.5.21

May 25, 2018May 25, 2018
  • Add performance transactional mode: Log Server Agent for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2 for i, IBM Informix, and PostgreSQL 
  • Added SAP HANA as a source database for transactional replications
  • Added a bulk mirroring option for performance
  • Added support for JSON format files / JSON datatype.
  • Improved, integrated support for Hadoop
  • Add support to manage schema changes


DBMoto Release Note V9