Replicating your iSeries data to other RDBMS platform to increase scalability
Replicating your iSeries Data to other RDBMS platform real time helps to release the legacy box loading at serving data-crunching applications, like Business Intelligent Tools, DataWarehouse solution or even reporting tools. Yet extending its reliability to serve mission-critical application for the corporation.

    Real-time Data Replication provides excellent support for moving or sharing data between remote, disconnected databases to support real-time reporting, analytics or operational functions
offers a solution to perform Change Data Capture operations between databases with no direct network connection, instead, via a web service. For optimal performance, the DBMoto Cloud Edition product is designed primarily to capture changes in the source database and propagate those changes to the target. Initially, it is typically necessary to generate a snapshot of the tables involved and update a target database with the entire set of captured data.

DBMoto Cloud G Edition is an innovative solution for Data Replication, Change Data Capture and Data Transformation requirements between corporate databases and the Google App Engine™ Datastorepp.
Many corporations look to web-based applications to support the needs of disconnected and remote users and business partners. Both standardized and custom applications are built with web front-ends and enterprise functionality, such as CRM, ERP or other business application needs. In some cases, corporations are moving to custom web applications that are built on systems designed to support high data growth, such as the Google® App Engine Datastore with its elasticity and data flexibility

Maxava offers High Availability and Disaster Recovery software products that utilize the full native functionality of the IBM i operating system. Maxava HA Suite provides real-time replication with unlimited concurrent apply processes and constant data checking to ensure your data is consistent across both you primary and backup servers. Maxava products come packaged with an easy to use Graphic User Interface (GUI), traditional Text User Interface and MaxView – our unique mobile monitoring system.
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HiT Software Inc. released DBMoto V9.5.0.20

May 25, 2018
  • PostgreSQL Log Reading as data source CDC
  • 2.5 bytes supports for IBM DB2/i
  • JSON datatype 
  • Enhanced replication performance