It is our mission to provide Strategic IT Consulting services for investment protection with focus in adding value to Legacy Systems, from here on toW incorporating applications data and streamlining business operation to achieve the highest return on investment from every dollar they spent on the Information Technology. 

Who is Wiseco

Wiseco is a middleware company who provides solution to address corporations’ need to integrate their legacy systems, like IBM Mainframe and AS/400, to other application platforms. We are distributor of well known vendors like Attachmate, BCD Software, Hit Software Inc. MAXAVA and TownSend Security to extend their products reach to the local market and use them to address corporations’ need to modernize their legacy systems.

What is available with Wiseco

We are providing solution to address customer’s requirement to their legacy systems’ connectivity, integration and modernization need. We’ll be your best business partner whenever you have new initiative that involve your legacy boxes and need someone to suggest a solution. Dinosaur is not our name, we also understand corporations’ need for handy executive reporting tool and created Sigma Report. The intuitive point and click interface makes reports generation much easier now. We also provide full feature SOA suite from Fiorano to gear your IT department with the most powerful tool to get all your enterprise applications integrated at the least number of days.

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New White Paper – Two Factor Authentication on the IBM i by Townsend Security

April 22, 2016April 22, 2016

Security Beyond Usernames and Passwords

Today's organizations must take a defensive strategy against the constant threat of network data breaches. Recent password leaks from high-profile sites (Anthem, Target, etc.) suggest that their sensitive data may not be as secure as once thought. Companies and web properties have to do a better job protecting security credentials.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why the IBM i may not be as secure as you think
  • The need for verification on the IBM i
  • How to meet compliance requirements (PCI DSS, FFIEC, etc.)

[Download Now]

For More Information:
Contact: Mr. Savio Sin (savio.sin@hkwiseco.com)
         Sales Manager - Wiseco Consultants Ltd. 

Product Update – BackOffice Associates’ HiT Software® Releases DBMoto® Version 9.0

March 16, 2016March 16, 2016

BackOffice Associates' HiT Software® Releases DBMoto® Version 9.0 with enhanced functionalities on the CDC functions to heterogeneous databases and improved user experience on their data replication tasks. New functions list can be found below.


  • Added Log Server Agent for reading MySQL binary logs.
  • Added support for the Teradata database as a target database using refresh mode.
  • Added Log Server Agent for reading Oracle logs using Log Miner.
  • Implemented Oracle transactional support using triggers.
  • Introduced a new logreader for IBM DB2 for i that is based on IBM APIs to support mirroring BLOB and CLOB data.
  • Implemented the DBMoto Verifier Scheduler service, allowing users to schedule replication verifications and reconcile differences between source and target databases, if any.
  • Added support for relpication to Hadoop.
  • Added support for SQL SERVER 2012 SP2 (CU7), SQL Server 2014 RTM (CU10) and SQL Server 2014 SP1 (CU3).
  • Configures a Java-based version of the DBMoto Log Server to read redo/archive log files directly on the local system where it is running.
  • Fixed a problem in the Oracle log reader for Oracle version 9.0.1 where setting up supplemental logging would generate an "ORA-00904: invalid column name" error.
  • Fixed a problem in the Oracle log reader where some transactions at the end of a mirroring session could be reprocessed at the beginning of the next one.
  • Fixed an issue with triggers for Oracle where new triggers could not be created if the table had already triggers defined.
  • Improved the Oracle log reader on Oracle 9i: when the Data Replicator attempted to get the last ID at the end of a refresh, it would not get the very last items causing some transactions to be processed with a delay of several mirroring sessions.
  • Fixed a problem with the Oracle (standard) Log Reader: a duplicate key error occurred in synchronization where the username read from the transaction log was UNKNOWN and caused transactions to be re-processed back to the source.
  • Improved Oracle trigger-based replication; implemented and tested trigger-based replication on Oracle 10g.
  • Fixed a Ritmo/i problem where a error occurred with Bulk Insert on IBM sytem i with GRAPHIC datatype.
  • Changed behavior of the Alerts mechanism: email is no longer sent for disabled replications.
  • Fixed a setup problem: "This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithm.
  • Fixed a problem which caused a SQL parse error while reading a transaction from the DBMoto Log Reader for Oracle.
  • Fixed an unhandled exception that occurred when opening the Toolbox from the Management Center main menu.

Management Center

  • Introduced a new look and feel with new icons and a new graphical layout for the main window.
  • Improved wizard windows, enlarging their default size and making them resizable.
  • Implemented a warning message and an error for metadata that fails to commit changes to database.
  • Implemented a way to schedule refresh replications to recur at the end of the month (e.g., last day of the month or last 3 days of the month)
  • Added an Apply button to the transactional setup dialogs.
  • Added a new IME Mode property in the Management Center Options dialog to set the input mode for the script editor dialogs.
  • Added 'No To All' button to the prompt message when removing transactional replications.
  • Changed DBMoto Log Reader captions to use more friendly names.
    Fixed a problem that occurred when opening the Log viewer and the DBMoto log was set to database: the record info (field values) were not displayed.
  • Fixed a generic error that occurred in GDI+ while running the SQL Command dialog and opening a table with CLOB data in it.
  • Fixed an issue in the Replication Monitor, when the record to update or delete was not found on the target, the record counter showed one processed record and one failed record.
  • Fixed a problem in the Management Center where it would sporadically hang and had to be shut down through the task manager.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when parsing the query to set the DBMoto Log to a database.

Data Replicator

  • Added a flag on Record_onBeforeMapping, Record_onAfterMapping, Record_onBeforeExecute and Record_onAfterExecute to allow the user to disable the replication.
  • Added a parameter to the Record_onExecuteError function to allow disabling the replication from a script.
  • Implemented support for commitment control where single commands are committed or rolled back following the source database committed transactions.
  • Implemented the replication of LOBs via files instead of keeping their values in memory.
  • Added support for LOB datatype in mirroring
  • Fixed an error that occurred when setting the DBMoto to log to database: one of the log table columns was under-dimensioned and could cause an error when writing a new record to the log.
  • Fixed a problem "Invalid Day value -1" that occurred when running a replication with a monthly schedule set to day 31 of the month
  • Fixed an issue that caused a truncation statement to fail when attempting to clear an Oracle target table during refresh
  • Fixed a MySQL fractional-time truncation issue in mirroring mode
  • Fixed an issue where a group was disabled when the target table was an ALIAS and a connection error occurred during replication.

New Product Release – Maxava launches a brand new product – Maxava Monitor Mi8

March 7, 2016March 7, 2016

Philadelphia, PA., March 2, 2016: Maxava is delighted to announce the release of its latest product, Maxava Monitor Mi8. The brand new product is a multi-platform, cloud-native monitoring solution that is easy to set up, easy to use and incredibly cost-effective to operate on a flexible monthly fee.

Nathan McClintock, Director Technology commented, “At Maxava, we manage complex production and cloud environments for ourselves, business partners and customers so we know what users need. We went looking for a monitoring solution that is modern, well-supported and regularly-enhanced, that we could deploy quickly, at a fair price and on flexible terms and we did not want to have to invest in yet more hardware. We couldn’t find one.”

The solution - Maxava applied its more than 16 years of experience in multifaceted software development, cloud architecture, and remote and mobile technology to develop Maxava Monitor Mi8.

Maxava Monitor Mi8 is a cloud-native monitoring solution for all the key facets of the server environment including; Systems, Applications and Availability. Its multi-platform architecture is configured for IBM i, and is Windows and Linux capable, utilizing the same advanced processing capabilities of its cloud-based Monitor & Alert Cortex™.

With MaxTriage™, important user-specified events can be instantly escalated. This powerful and flexible workflow process allows administrators to track and trace as each event is investigated, remediated, and eventually closed.

Maxava Monitor Mi8 supports multiple, configurable viewing profiles. These allow grouping of systems which permit administrators, management and technical staff to see the information key to them.

Utilizing its advanced cloud architecture, Maxava Monitor Mi8 also allows for single consolidated views of multiple systems across locations and even across organizations. “This offers a game changing opportunity for our MSP and VAR partners to deliver cost-effective and easily managed professional support services to their own customers,” says John Dominic, VP Business Development.

With an introductory no-obligation, no-setup-costs, free 90-day product trial for its IBM i module, Maxava aims to shake up the traditional monitoring market.


Maxava is a worldwide provider of innovative Monitoring, High Availability and Disaster Recovery software solutions. Customers have been using Maxava software for more than 16 years to ensure business continuity, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements. Maxava’s software ensures business resilience for a cross-section of the world’s most demanding IBM i customers through SaaS, Cloud, Subscription and traditional Licensed software models.

Providing critical business solutions to customers around the globe, Maxava’s implementations span a diverse set of industries including Banking, Telecommunications, Government, Manufacturing and Healthcare. Many of the worlds most trusted consumer brands are supported by IT environments strengthened by the use of the Maxava HA suite. Today, the company has more than 500 customers in over 40 countries, providing 24x7x365 support directly through regional offices located in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Please visit maxava.com for more information

White paper – Simplifying Security for IBM i by Townsend Security

February 27, 2016February 27, 2016

Collecting real-time security events and actively monitoring system logs is one of the most effective security tools any organization can deploy. 

Request the Simplifying Security for IBM i and IBM Security QRadar white paper to find out more about: 

  • How IBM i customers can make integration with QRadar simple, fast, and inexpensive
  • How IBM Security QRadar users can rapidly experience success and better security
  • How continuous, active monitoring is a key security control
  • The security benefits of the combining IBM Security QRadar and Townsend Security's Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar

Now, the integration between Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar and IBM Security QRadar has dramatically reduced the effort and expense required to deploy an effective SIEM solution for the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries).

White paper – Top 10 Reasons to Choose PHP for IBM i Web Application Development by Townsend Security

February 13, 2016February 13, 2016

Learn why PHP is a great choice for IBM i web development and application modernization.

PHP ebook

When deciding on an IBM i web development strategy, it's important to choose technologies that are easy for RPG programmers to learn, attract new programmers and grow with technologies like mobile. PHP gives you all of this and more.

Download this free eBook to get a detailed look at the top 10 reasons why PHP is a great web development choice for IBM i shops, including:

  • Why PHP is easy for RPGers to learn
  • How you can leverage DB2 and RPG with PHP
  • The benefits of choosing an open-source language
  • Why PHP makes mobile applications easy to deploy

This eBook, which was co-sponsored by BCD and Zend, also features a foreword written by Alan Seiden.

Complete the form to the right to download it now!